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A cleaner energy solution

Our Mission

  • Jobs

    The current wood chip requirements in KZN are in excess of 10 000T per month which could see upwards of 1000 community members empowered in supplying this biomass market.

  • Save the planet

    10 000T per month of biomass combusted in applicable biomass boiler plants is able to replace 5486 T of coal and prevent 15690 Tonnes of fossil fuel based CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere each month.

  • Mecosol

    Mecosol has its origins in the fossil fuelled fired boiler industry. The damage caused by these fuels has necessitated that a clean alternative for industry is offered.

  • Recycling Waste

    Mecosol has supply agreements with industries to use all their waste timber and has been removing this waste since 2014. This waste is then converted to sustainable wood chips for energy, eliminating the need to landfill.